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Dive Into Luxurious Spa Experience in India | FTV SPA

The Essential Wellness

With the constant hustle-bustle that surrounds the everyday grind, Spas and their rejuvenative properties have been the ideal choice of many, backed by the science that helps rekindle, cleansing and relaxing your potent energies. It is an experience that exhales authenticity and intricacies of the mind, body and soul.

Get Enchanted With Personalised Care


  • The wellness industry in India has expeditiously evolved.
  • This industry is expected to face a massive boom in the coming years.
  • The market size of the Global wellness industry was estimated to be at USD 3.7 Trillion
  • The Indian Spa industry stood at a rate of 11,000 crores and is expected to grow at a fast pace.
  • Get served by our well-trained experts to give you a memorable experience.
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To be the only spa brand in India that offers a supremely opulent, unwinding, and revitalising spa experience.


To construct spas in all of India's main cities that exude an air of enchantment and tranquilly and invite guests on a journey of leisure and relaxation.


To create spa locations that combine luxury with true wellbeing for the body, mind, and soul.


Qualified Therapists

Our professional spa experts are trained to give you the best of both worlds, right from accurate acupressure points, to providing the correct treatment based on your body and skin type, to make you feel your best from within.

The Perfect Environment

The ambience of FTV Spa exudes luxury which makes it the perfect environment to indulge in self care and total mind, body and soul relaxation.

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Variety of Services

Based on the individuals preferences, FTV spa services ranges from deep tissue massages, couples massages, aromatherapy massages, Lomi Lomi massages, Swedish massages, exquisite facial and body massages as well as coupled with saunas, therapeutic treatments and deep cleanses that ensures total wellness.

Customised Luxury Services

Indulge in an array of deep conditioning with the use of age-old remedies, by harmonising your chakras and restoring your energy levels. These therapies can be customised as per your stress and bodily needs.